EduMIx is the ideal solution for all your Lecture Capture Solution.


HD Video & Audio


Multi Input or Desktop Screen


All Inputs On a Single Screen


To Youtube, Facebook or Your Website & Apps

Single Box Solution To All Your Lecture Management

EduMIx is the ideal solution for all your Lecture Capture Solution. It captures from multiple Inputs like Camera, Document Camera, Visualizer & Desktop Screen of the Teacher with NDI to create a mix of high quality full HD Lectures. You can also record & stream simultaneously by a single click. You can stream to all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. or your own Institute Website or Mobile App directly, Live.


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EduMix comes with two variants.

Revo with Single HDMI Input & Studio With Dual HDMI Input.

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Record Your Lectures Using Lecture Recording Software (Edumix)

Basically lecture recording is defined as the process of capturing the audio and visual components of a lecture, digitizing, storing and distributing them. However, there are two main components that make up the lecture recording process. One is Hardware components and another one is Software components. Teachers as well as student are more likely to go with Lecture Recording Software component despite of Hardware.

It is known to everyone that educational institutions are highly recognized the distant education's value in all over the world. The number of students learning distantly over the Internet is increasing day by day. Technologies for education including Internet-based learning activities proffer number of possibilities for international communication. Online course lectures enable students to improve their skills as well as knowledge. And through such type of efficacious software, student’s remembering ability will also good.

One should list the following categories of equipment before recording lecture:

  • Room integrated and portable videoconferencing systems
  • Course management systems
  • Screencasting systems
  • And the last but not the least lecture capture systems

With including all these above equipment, one can easily record the lecture and further publish that one to the website so that the student can grab it by simply click on that software. However, your time as well as money will both get saved if you go through this particular software.

Advantages of Lecture Recording Systems

Here, I have mentioned the advantages of grasping such software. What you should do is to keep your eyes feast on the below points and try to get understand:

  • Such software will allow you to Record Voice and Video, presentations and trainings
  • That recorded content will easily be uploaded to a server
  • Users can view it on an internet browser
  • With the help of this recording software, you can capture conferences, seminars and course lectures
  • The content can be burned to CD/DVD
  • The audience may watch it anywhere anytime

You may find some difficulties while installing such recorded software and want an immediate communication with tech-expert person. You can get in touch with us via this provided helpline number and share your query in a hassle-free manner. You will get exact possible solution in a cost-effective way.